On our most recent trip back to Canada, we splurged and booked Business Class seats for the trek home. Everything from the space to the service was above what I was expecting. Walking on the A380 to the business class section, it was noticeably more spacious. Not just the seating space, but the overall cabin looked much roomier.

There was no lack of storage space here. From the oversized overhead bins, to the deep storage compartments next to the windows, there was no need to have anything lying around.  Each seat also offered a seat back pocket holder, which could comfortably hold iPads and books. Next to each seat there was also a small compartment under the TV remote that was the perfect size for headphones, passport, camera, etc.

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Getting a window seat is definitely the way to go if you are traveling with a lot of gear. Along the side of the plan there is bucket storage space where you can place larger items like clothes, shoes and laptops.

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After making myself comfortable for the next 15 hours, we were welcomed by our friendly hostess and offered water or champagne. Of course, it was only natural to kick off our mini holiday with some champagne. While sipping away, I looked at my left arm rest and noticed that I was in fact sitting on an in seat massage chair!

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It would have been slightly more convenient if the controls on the massage chair had some lighting to see what intensity and mode you were on. Nevertheless, it was still pretty exciting to sit back, drink my champagne and get a nice little massage.

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Enjoying the last of my champagne, it was time to pre order breakfast. Orders are taken for breakfast before take-off to reduce the amount of time the crew need to walk through the cabin to interrupt you. You simply fill out the menu, and leave it hanging on the chair in front of you for pick up.

While playing with all the buttons on the seat like a little kid, it started to amaze me how much this seat could actually do. The seats recline to a fully flat position, which makes the journey that much more enjoyable. When not sleeping, you can adjust your seat to the perfect lounge position to eat and watch any of the wide range of movies to choose from. The seat also offers a ‘save’ option where you can save massage options, which is a nice added touch since there are no lights to indicate what you have previously chosen.

Once we finally took off, amenity packs and pajamas were handed out. The amenity packs offer socks, earplugs, eye mask, tooth paste, tooth brush and a box of lip gloss, moisturizer and hand cream.


Lunch was served shortly after as well as a never ending flow of alcoholic beverages. I went with the chicken schnitzel, served in a ciabatta bun with a small green salad.

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After lunch, I changed into my cozy pajamas and reclined my bed to an almost flat position. You are given a mat which is placed over your chair to help create a more comfortable space while sleeping. I put a movie on and was asleep in no time. I have never been one to sleep on a plane, but I was out until breakfast.

The crew serves breakfast individually as people wake up to ensure they get the maximum amount of sleep possible. There are no carts in the aisles, which is perfect for everyone who is waking up and needs to use the bathroom or stretch out.

I never got a chance to use the ‘lounge’ area at the front of business class as I slept through the entire flight; however there is a couch available with a large TV to watch movies as well as magazines if you wanted to change up your scenery for a bit. Very convenient!


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The overall experience in Business Class was exceptional. I definitely am not looking forward to our next flight in economy as I now know exactly what I am missing out on. There is an endless amount of food and drinks that are provided throughout the flight and the service is like no other. Definitely worth it!

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