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All I can say is cheese, cheese & AMAZING cheese!! This has to be by far one of my favourite places in St Kilda. For anyone who enjoys cheese, wine, and especially both together, this is a big MUST to visit in my books.


Located on the far end of Fitzroy Street, this little cafe style eatery has taken the city by storm with a very simply yet very effective concept of cheese pairing. Created by the mastermind Daniel Verheyen, a small, sophisticated and well knowledged team take you through a truly memorable experience.

The space only has a hand full of tables inside the restaurant, a few on the outdoor area, and seating along the ‘cheese’ bar. This is perfect as the staff can personally look after you and show you the knowledge they are so passionate about.


As we had never been here before, Dan explained the menu and the different options that were available and helped us pick the best option for us. The knowledge he had for pairing beautiful wines with the vast variety of cheese’s available is truly a skill that should be shared with all. He took the time to explain the cheeses to us and how they worked with the wine to bring out the best characters.



If you’re not a wine lover, the option is available to pair your cheese with beer, cider, sparkling, fortified wines, dessert wines, whiskey or sake. With such a variety to choose from, it may be a bit overwhelming when you first walk in and see the oversized cheese cabinet filled with every possible cheese available.


Our waiter had given us the option to either select our wines and he would pair the cheese with it, or if we had a preferred cheese we wanted, he could match the wine instead.

As it was our first time here, we decided to start with a wine flight of 15gm of cheese and 30ml of wine. A beautiful wooden board was presented to us each with a sparkling, two wines and red wine which were accompanied by 4 perfectly paired cheeses. How they pair them so perfectly is beyond me and you really can’t go wrong for only $18.


I was so excited to move onto the next cheese that I barely realised how quickly the wines went down! However, with only 30ml, you can really enjoy the flight and move onto something else once you’ve had a sample of what’s on offer.


The flights change weekly, which will definitely keep me wanting to come back to try and cheeses that I wouldn’t normally think to try. This is the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon and can be enjoyed during a quick visit or for a lunch afternoon with good company.

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