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Saturday afternoons are best spent in the company of good friends, food and drinks. We had spent most of the afternoon walking around St Kilda enjoying the sunshine going from park to beach to pub. Around 5:30 we finally decided it was time to get some food. Since we missed out on lunch and the sun and drinks had gotten to us, we needed to find somewhere that was quite filling.

MC had been to Rococo on Acland Street for a meeting before and since we were already in the area, thought we’d give it a go.


Rococo is a beautiful Italian restaurant that knows how to make authentic Italian food. With MC having been here before, he had a good idea on what he wanted to get. We started with a few small entrees to start as we were beyond hungry by the time we sat down.

A beautiful selection of garlic bread, arancini and warm olives were all ordered (as we knew they would be the quickest). It’s been ages since I’ve had garlic bread and it was perfect! The crust was crunchy and the middle was soft with just the right proportion of butter to garlic ratio.


Arancini always had a soft spot in my heart and every time I see it on the menu, it’s a must for me. These arancini was to die for! The outer shell was crispy with a gewy centre and the aioli was a perfect winning combination for me.


Olives are MC’s favourite so like an arancini to me, this is MC’s go to dish on the menu and there’s nothing wrong with this!


Once we inhaled our entrees, mains were quick to follow. I had been craving a good Italian ravioli like my Nonna use to make, and when I saw it on the menu, I knew it was finally time to see if a restaurant ravioli could live up to my expectations. Guess what…I was not disappointed! It was slightly on the salty side, but other than that, it was perfect! The pasta was cooked to perfection, it had just the right amount of filling and the sauce was oh so tasty. A winner in my books!


MC ordered the All’Amatriciana with penne. Again another winner for us! We always cook pasta on Monday nights at home, so we have pretty much mastered the All’Amatriciana. I won’t lie, this one was quite tasty!


An Italian restaurant isn’t complete with out a good pizza. Rococo also an abundance of traditional Italian pizzas. The pizza had a thin beautiful crust, amazing sauce and just the right amount of toppings.



The space is a try modern Italian restaurant with hints of tradition throughout the venue. With venues spreading between St Kilda, Fitzroy and Hawthorn, it’s no surprise why it was so difficult to get a table on a Saturday afternoon. The size of the crowd grows by the minute while you enjoy some of the highest quality foods paired with excellent wines.

Rococo has a modern, spacious and stylish fit out with attractive artwork and decor. The tables aren’t overly crowded, which means you can enjoy an intimate conversation without the person next to you hearing.


The staff was attentive throughout our whole dining experience, ensuring our glasses were filled at all times and our table was left clean (there’s nothing worse than trying to ensure an evening with friends when you have a table full of dirty plates sitting in front of you).

We will definitely be back and will have to check out the other locations and see if they live up to the Acland Street restaurant. 

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