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Looking for some seriously good breakfast? Then Cora’s is a must dine space! With restaurants opening throughout Ontario, it’s no wonder there is always a line out the door to get some oh so tasty breakfast. Think mountains of fruit, horrible american coffee and piping hot eggs and bacon!



Cora’s pride themselves on the abundance of fruit readily available in Ontario, and this is shown through fun drawings posted up on the walls to help create a more colourful atmosphere. Yellow walls create a more welcoming, happy feel as well as blue benches for the outdoor vibe.


Upon entering, you are welcomed by the kitchen area which is covered with an endless supply of colourful fruits. The open concept kitchen allows you to watch the action while waiting for your table.



We all know Canada isn’t the best place for a cup of coffee, and the same goes for the coffee here at Cora’s. Most may be use to the filtered coffee and is on continuous pour with endless refills, however this wasn’t for me. We opted for the Mochachino to add a bit of flavour to our morning coffee.


You don’t come for to Cora’s for the coffee, you come for the mountain of fruit and the amazing presentation that goes into each dish. The first dish out was thin crapes covered by a mountain of fresh fruit. A very simple plate, however very very tasty!


The ‘Cora Special’, with your choice of eggs, bacon and potatoes. Your typical breakfast, but made with love.


The ‘Waffles with Strawberry’ is probably one of the most popular dishes they have on offer. Thick Belgium waffles covered in a mountain of fresh strawberries, coulis and finished with whip cream. You really can’t ask for anything better than this!


I opted for something a bit different and got the new ‘Oatmeal Pancakes’ served with caramel and bananas. This dish can be shared between two people as they are very filling! Each pancake is separated by a layer of banana and drizzled with caramel.


If your looking for somewhere delicious to start your morning, Cora’s is definitely a great place to start. With a menu that is versatile and with several variations to each dish, there is always something new and exciting to try.


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