We have made the journey between Australia and Canada several times. Having family split between two continents means we make the trip at least twice a year. After trying many different airlines and routes, we finally settled on the easiest (and quickest route) flying with Qantas.

The total travel time is around 22 hours from Melbourne to Toronto, via Los Angeles. The first leg from Melbourne to Los Angeles is operated by Qantas on the Airbus A380, with the second flight onward to Toronto operated by American Airlines.

The Qantas A380 makes the 15 hour flight a much more pleasant experience, with great in-seat entertainment, snack bar and modern seating. All the seats have a personal touch screen with access to Qantas On Demand entertainment, with dozens of movies, TV shows, news and games to choose from. The seats recline differently to older Qantas aircrafts and are more comfortable, however the leg room isn’t the best and being over 6’3″ makes it hard to get comfortable. The snack bar is another nice addition, you can help yourself to drinks or a small bite to eat throughout the duration of the flight.

qantas a380

The flight itself always seems to be much smoother, this might be due to the size of the plane or its modern design but I have almost no recollection of turbulence on any of our flights. The lighting is also worth a mention as its designed to reduce the effects of jetlag by helping your body adjust to the new timezone.

In our opinion the Qantas A380 makes for a much more pleasant experience on long haul flights.

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