We had the pleasure of being invited to a VIP dinner in the Teak room. I was expecting a large group of people to be invited, however when we arrived there was a small intimate table for 10 guests put aside for us, very exclusive!

The dinner was for those guests who are close to receiving a Gold Membership status on their Signature Club cards. It was a great way to get a good feel of the restaurant, the gaming floor and what the Teak Room really has to offer. Being a Platinum Member in the past, we knew what the Teak Room & Mahogany Room had to offer, but was nice to get in to see the space again and enjoy a free meal. To gain access to the Teak Room, you do require a Gold Membership or higher, or enter with someone who does have these privileges.

teak room1

The teak room is large in size and has a beautiful luxurious feel to it. There is a smoking section available for those who are smokers, however they do have a smoke shield up to ensure that everyone is able to gamble in comfort without the gaming floor filling up with smoke.

Upon entering the Teak Room, you are welcomed by an impress marble service desk where the service is top notch. The floor is divided into several different sections including roulette tables (mins $5-10), Baccarat tables (mins $100-200) and Blackjack.

Moving along, we reach the bar area which offers a full range of complimentary basic spirits, wines and non alcoholic beverages.  Near the bar are large couches and chairs for those who prefer to relax (photo above). The last area are the slot/pokies which are on the right of the room. The difference with these machines are that they offer a higher limit and the added bonus of self-serve Nespresso machines.

Finally there is the Teak Restaurant, where we were seated for our VIP dinner. I was able to get the below photos of our meal and space. The service was quite average here, however the food was beautiful.

photo 4

photo 5 photo 3 photo 2

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