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Hunter’s Kitchen & Bar has become a neighbourhood gem for the St. Kilda Road working crowd and for those living in the nearby area. They have covered every clientele group with their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, as well as a fabulous drinks menu for those looking for after work drinks.


We were greeted by a lovely waitress who was standing at the front door waiting for us to arrive and was very pleasant and professional throughout the whole dinner experience. When we first arrived, it was quite warm in the restaurant as the air-con wasn’t on. After requesting if we could move outside since it was a bit too warm, she let us know she would turn the air-con on so that we didn’t have to be inconvenienced by moving outside after already receiving our drinks.

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From the moment we talked through the door to the moment we walked out, we were treated with the utmost professional service.


We were handed a simple wine list with a selection of sophisticated reds, whites and sparklings to choose from. The wines on the menu were very reasonably priced and we decided to go with the 2012 Two Hands ‘Gnarly Dudes’ Shiraz from Barossa Valley. It was a beautiful full bodied Shiraz the loads of flavour.

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After ordering our wines, we were handed the menu. Their dinner menu has a variety of appealing dishes, which made the decision quite difficult. We settled on a few ‘little’ plates including the wagyu meatballs and the trio of olives which entailed marinated olives, olive bread and olive pate.

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The trio of olives were beautiful. The olives were warm, which is how I prefer them and the olive bread was fantastic dipped in the oil from the marinated olives. Presentation of the olives was creative and just the right portion size for an appetiser.

The wagyu meatballs had a beautiful meat sauce topped with shaved parmesan and yoghurt. The meatballs themselves I found quite dry, however with the sauce and yoghurt were tasty.

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Next up were the ‘large’ dishes. I went with the risotto with artichoke and shaved parmesan. The portion size was extremely large and would have preferred if they had an entree and main size as it was a bit disappointing that so much had to go to waste. The risotto lacked quite bland and the only flavour that came through was in the chunks of artichokes. The risotto itself also had a different texture that I am use to, almost like it was under cooked. Probably something I wouldn’t order again.

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We also ordered the 400g rib-eye bone on, with chef’s choice of two sides, which change daily. The meat was cooked to perfection and was mouth watering, served with an aioli and jus for you to choose from. The sides included were a potato fritter and a house salad. The fritter was a bit bland on the inside, but the crust was quite tasty which saved the dish.

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We usually don’t order dessert, however thought we would treat ourselves with the triple chocolate brownie with peanut butter powder. The peanut butter was probably the best thing I ate all night. It melted in your mouth and worked incredible with the brownie and lime garnish. I would definitely come back to Hunter’s Kitchen just for this!

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Hunter’s Kitchen is a beautiful, chic restaurant with a perfect location to capture the business crowd. If you’re looking for something away from the city and popular dining areas, this is your go to location for the passionate food lovers. I’ve been told their coffee is one of the best brewed in the city, which mean’s another visit is in the near future for us.

This is truly a neighbourhood gem and should be recognised. They value their regulars, as well as their first time customers and create a warm and inviting environment. They pride themselves in using fresh local produce which is also a bonus! From their outdoor patio area to the bare hanging bulbs and high quality furniture, the moment you step onsite you know you will be looked after.

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I am looking forward to heading back here for a coffee and pastry (as they looked amazing!) in the near future. This is a must visit restaurant in by books.

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