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I’ve heard the food was decent here and though of checking it out on a Thursday night when we weren’t able to get into a few other places. The entrance is much to be desired, but as soon as you walk into the restaurant you are welcomed in a dark, sophisticated basement setting.


The service was friendly but very inefficient and slow (mostly standing around the bar chatting). The staff seemed quite relaxed with bringing food out and topping up our wine glasses. There was no real warmth to the service here. Probably something to be said on why it wasn’t overly busy on a Thursday evening.


We started with a beautiful full bodied red wine. I wish I had written the name down because it was definitely worth buying again.

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The chicken dish was cooked to perfection, very moist with a tasty crispy skin. The parsnip puree it sat on worked beautifully and was reasonably creamy. Atop the chicken was a crispy piece of panchetta, which was a bit on the oily side and a bit overcooked.

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We added a side of the grilled asparagus with beans and shredded almonds. This was probably the winner of the night along with the wine. It was such a beautiful dish and the asparagus and beans were cooked just to the point where they were still crunchy, but cooked throughout.


Concrete floors, open concept bar and dark walls are highlights of this basement restaurant. The feel is modern, yet sophisticated with dark features, bare lighting and a wine rack in the centre of the restaurant to divide the dining tables and bar area.

The layout was quite clever, with large round booth seating to give a more VIP, private dining experience.

The only draw back is the entrance. There is no real signage on where to enter and how to make your way down the winding path to the restaurant.

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