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Saturday night for us started at the beautiful warehouse style restaurant/bar Morris Jones on Chapel Street. With it’s original building constructed in 1887, the owners have done a fabulous job in keeping the heritage feel through their contemporary styled venue.

Morris Jones covers all groups from the lazy morning breakfast, long lunches and upscale dinners with friends. The bar boasts expensive cocktails created with flare from behind the bar. The crowd on Saturday evenings is very posh, which is a nice change from most of the other bars along Chapel Street.

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The interior is moody and rustic with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, dim lighting, an abundance of greenery, and the feature, their massive bar running through the space dividing the bar and restaurant area. The staff are extremely friendly both behind the bar and on the floor. You don’t find to many places that offer table service and free nibbles pasted around on a busy Saturday night.

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The stunning courtyard area is probably my favourite space here. Although they do offer smoking outside, the roof is open, which gives a nice flow of fresh air through the space (& a great view of the stars!). The courtyard features a beautiful vertical garden, which creates a beautiful backdrop to the space. Long bench tables and high top tables fill the space and fake grass lines the ground for that outdoor feel.

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We did get a few nibbles from the bar, which unfortunately weren’t the best. We ordered the ‘Lamb Ribs’ with apricot and pistachio, which were all fat. The ‘Cheeky Slider’ was however quite tasty with mustard, cheddar and pickles in a sweet bun. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews on the food here, so will need to come back to try their restaurant menu.

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This is definitely the place to visit with your girlfriends on a Saturday night. The vibe is more upscale and posh than your typical night club scene. The cocktails are phenomenal and their wine list is well put together.

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