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If you’re new years resolution was to eat healthy, stay clear from Misty’s Diner! This American style eartery is heavy on the carbs, light on the veggies. We are talking deep fried onion ring towers, massive burgers, mozza sticks and the works have all made the list of deep fried goodness. Although delicious, this is not your stay fit restaurant of choice. 


This 1950’s themed restaurant comes with all the bells & whistles. From the retro pink and blue booths, jukebox’s perched up on the wall at each booth, and over the top decor from the 50’s all create the ultimate diner experience. 


The staff are dressed in 50’s attire to truly give you the experience of being at a real American diner! The staff are friendly, helpful and attentive. This may not be your fine dining establishment, but they definitely know how to impress by finding amazing staff. 



The menu is a carb overload featuring a menu of all the typical and most favoured American deep fried dishes! When you think American, you think massive portions, oversized drinks and the works. This diner definitely does not disappoint when it comes to quantity.

We started with a ‘Cherry Chocolate Chunk’ thick shake, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. If you’re going to overload on the calories, you should probably just go all out! The shake itself was good, but nothing over the top exciting.


Entrees were the first to arrive, both pipping hot straight from the deep fryer. ‘Mozzarella Sticks’ served with our choice of dipping sauce (pasta sauce), and ‘Jalapeno Poppers’ served with ranch dipping sauce.



Next out was the ‘Bucket of Wings’, which were Buffalo chicken wings, celery sticks with a side of buffalo sauce and bleu cheese sauce. I wasn’t over impressed with the wings, I’ve had much better at a fair few other places. 


Overall the food was good, but not somewhere you would take yourself very often. The front entrance is full of American sweets, just in case you weren’t completely satisfied by the carb overload. It’s a fun place to experience with friends if you’re looking for some serious comfort food!

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