Heston Marc Blumenthal

Pushing food and science to the limit is exactly what Heston Blumenthal does, and he does it very well! With a special niche for the blow torch and liquid nitrogen, options are endless for this creative genius. So it was no surprise that reporters patiently waited for the news Blumenthal gave inside the walls of the Crown Resort just weeks ago.

Any news dealing with Blumenthal is big, and this was no different. Not only will he be closing the doors of their 3-Michelin starred restaurant ‘Fat Duck’ in Bray, Berkshire for renovations, but he will be bringing the notorious restaurant to the Melbourne Crown Casino in February 2014. Migrating the whole kitchen (smoke appliances and all), staff, the whole shebang for a 6 month lease in the Crown.

After the 6 months, the team will head back to England, leaving behind one epic permanent restaurant. Thinking of giving it a go? Be sure to have a pocket full of cash as it’s not going to be a place you eat at more than once (for most of us at least!). The restaurant is due to open in February, with bookings starting in early September, which means it will be a long wait for those looking for last minute bookings!

This isn’t your typical dining experience, as meals range between 12 and 18 course, spanning across a four hour period of pure food bliss. Prepare to be wowed by a menu that will be sure to blow your mind.


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