Big names are making their way onto Australia soil. The next big retailer to hit the streets down under is the one and only, Sephora. The world’s largest beauty retailer as been turning down offers with Myer and David Jone’s with their own plans to open their own stand alone store. The first of more than 25 stores across Australia will open starting with Sydney in mid 2015, then move along to the other large cities.


Being the fastest growing brand in the LVHM luxury goods group, it’s no wonder large department stores are pushing to get their hands in with this multi-billion dollar market. The Financial Review¬†has noted that there are no other large cosmetic retailers in Australia, which poses the first real threat to Australia department stores in more than 50 years.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of walking through the iconic black and white doors, it goes without question that you should start to get excited. With aisles upon aisles of cosmetics and beauty supplies, you can quickly get lost with all that Sephora has to offer.¬†

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