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I had done a bit of research on places to go while in St.Maarten through Tripadvisor and one that stuck out for me was Gusto. We had been eating a lot of fried or gourmet foods so far throughout our travels and were really hoping to experience the beautiful fresh fruits readily available on the island. I had a quick look on the website and the smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and desserts instantly caught my attention.


We arrived around 10am to a beautiful open concept cafe, with a refreshing feature bar. Decor consisted of white chairs and wooden tables as well as high top chairs overlooking the street and ocean. The space offers a very welcoming and homey atmosphere for those coming in off the street.




We popped ourselves down at a table and had a look through the extensive menu filled with freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, simple breakfast & lunch dishes well as some amazing looking desserts. I’m usually not one to like a ton of photos on the menu, but this menu was done in a tasteful way and was very easy to read. 



We had originally come for a simple quick breakfast, which quickly turned into a feast. Eggs started the morning for both of us, consisting of fried eggs on toast and an omelette, both served with a small green salad. The omelette was a very generous portion size and cooked to both our liking (not too runny in the middle).

DSC00419 DSC00422

Freshly squeezed orange juice and a strawberry yogurt smoothie were our drinks of choice on such a hot morning. Each drink is made to order with an abundance of fresh fruits, so nothing pre-made. I probably could have just enjoyed the smoothie as it was quite filling.


No breakfast is complete without some form of caffeine. From all the reviews I’d read, everyone had raved about the Frozen Coffee Cream, so it was a must to order (especially on such a hot morning!). The reviews didn’t lie, this was by far the best coffee on the island, and probably one of the better frozen coffees I’ve had, and that says a lot coming from Melbourne! Order the large as the small will have you wanting more! 


The food didn’t stop there. While enjoying our ice cold drinks, two amazing desserts were presented to us. The first was a beautiful homemade warm strudel type dessert served with frozen yogurt on the side. Filled with apples and cinnamon, this was a perfect way to finish our breakfast. The second was thinly sliced pineapple served with toasted almonds. I’m a bit of a pineapple fanatic and this was by far the juiciest, tastiest pineapple I think I’ve ever eaten!



The service throughout the morning was extremely friendly and welcoming. The chef popped out to say hi and to ensure we thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast. Their chef is from Italy, so would have loved to come back for lunch to check out their authentic pasta’s.

DSC00440 DSC00442


Once we finished eating, we grabbed our drinks and made our way outside and sat on their tiki hut chairs and enjoyed the amazing view. The team have a few ideas up their sleeve for this space that they shared with us, and hope on our next visit some of them have been created. 



Our morning didn’t stop there. We also had the privileged of checking out their newly build Rhome apartments located above the restaurant. They had yet to go live with bookings, so were honored to be the first to check out the space. 


Everything in the apartments are 100% Italian from the furniture to the fixtures. Custom fit outs have been designed to create a welcoming vibe with clean, simple features. A fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, living room with pull out sofa and bedroom with high ceilings are all perfectly situated with stunning views of the ocean. 

DSC00445DSC00447 DSC00448 DSC00449

Since we had a tour of the space before it was completed, some of the minor work had yet to be done. Linen and bathroom amenities had yet to be brought into the apartment, however are included in your room rates. The photo below shows the stunning view from the bedroom, which sells itself!

DSC00446Bookings can be made on Airbnb for their apartments. Check out the listing for full details on the space and pricing. 

Our overall experience was amazing and would definitely recommend Gusto’s to anyone heading to St. Maarten. Their location is perfect, with ocean front views and close to the pier for those coming in off the cruise ships. Their menu caters to all with either a full breakfast, light lunch or just a quick snack or cold drink on the go. If you only have time for a quick stop, their Frozen Cream Coffee is an absolute must try!

We had such an amazing morning and would love to thank the team for their hospitality and taking the time to show us the space. 

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