Not too long ago I had the opportunity to burn some points on a flight with American Airlines from Tokyo to Los Angeles. I had spent two weeks in Japan and was heading to Toronto to meet some family.

I used Qantas points to book the flight in First Class for just over 100,000 points. I had a handy surplus and I could think of no better way to make the journey go quicker than with a flat bed and some good booze.

I will leave the airport review for a separate review.

Upon boarding I was greeted by a friendly staff member who offered me some champagne to help me settle in. I accepted excitedly as I looked around the first class cabin. The reclining seats are set out in a 1-2-1 configuration, with each seat having direct aisle access and full privacy.

I sat down in my assigned seat to expect my amenity kit and take some photos (not the best quality photos). The kit was quite nice, including the usual eye mask, creams, toothbrush but also some nice AA pajamas. At this point I looked around the cabin for somebody else changing or already wearing the pajamas it seems I was alone in my excitement.

Shortly after take off the in-flight service began with some food and beverage service. I quickly adjusted my clock to the destination timezone and decided I had some time to burn before I tested out the bed. I enjoyed a meal and a movie or two before sampling the famous ice-cream sundae. The sundae lasted only briefly longer than my decision to order it. I was now ready for sleep.

I slipped away to the bathroom to put on my PJs. I expected to return to my bed fitted with my mattress cover. This was not the case, it seemed the service staff were not very interested in helping me at this point, maybe they new I used points? I decided to prepare the bed myself and quickly had it fully flat with the cover in position. I jumped in and setup a boring movie to help me drift away.

I soon awoke to the smell of breakfast. I must say the breakfast was not very appetising. I picked at it a little and choked down some ‘delicious’ North American coffee. We were getting close to our destination, at which point I tried out my kit with a quick clothing change and freshening up. I was impressed with the quality of the amenity kit. It certainly added to my relaxation upon arriving in Los Angeles.

I certainly enjoyed my time aboard this American Airlines flight but would I choose AA first over Qantas business? Probably not. I have regularly had better service and food on Qantas business flights between Melbourne and Los Angeles.

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