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Our work week started off with a beautiful lunch at Typika Artisan Roasters in Claremont. This isn’t your typical cafe or restaurant as behind a large enclosed glass area houses a coffee roastery, where all the roasting action takes place for their beans.

Sit back and enjoy a sensational cup of freshly roasted coffee in this relaxed setting, or pick up a bag to enjoy your favourite ‘cuppa’ coffee in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t get any fresher than this! With a roastery onsite, it’s only natural the bar serves up a large variety of coffee based drinks with their extensive bar list.



Typika has become one of our favourite places to eat. After being here 3 times for lunch, it was time to do a review. The restaurant has recently received their liquor license, so we decided to start our lunch with a crisp dry glass of Redbank Prosecco. I especially loved the old school champagne glasses that the sparkling was served in.

The menu here offers a variety of different pastries; bagels and sandwiches that are available for dine in or take-away. Although the menu is quite small, they showcase a beautiful selection of option, which most are also available in a gluten free option. The Banh Mi Buns (3 per serve), Char Siu Pork BellyTiger Prawns Chicken and Brady Pate with picked Vegetables and an Apple Aioli in a soft bun were all beautifully presented. On the pallet, the ingredients burst with flavour and worked beautifully together.


The Jerk Chicken Tacos were beautiful, with some bold flavours from the Jerk Chicken. Our final dish was the Pulled Pork Quesadillas, which was created with pork shoulder (marinated in spices and slow cooked in sarsparilla), cheddar and BBQ sauce all in a grilled tortilla. Accompanying the Quesadilla was a BBQ corn, capsicum and avocado salsa.  The pulled pork was perfectly seasoned, as expected.


The dining area is quite large with a number of smaller tables of 2 and 4 near the front and larger communal tables in the back section of the restaurant. The space is airy with a large open concept featuring concrete floors, high ceilings with exposed pipes, and high top tables for the converted warehouse feel.

The space also features a large bar area where the magic is done. High end coffee makers, a variety of coffee-ware and mugs fill the bar to create the warehouse/cafe vibe perceived here.

Sit opposite the roasting room and watch the roasters at work while you enjoy one of the freshest cups of coffee you can get. The roastery is a large sectioned off area to one side, showcasing bags upon bags of beans from around the world and state of the art roasting machines.



The service was quite friendly from the moment you walk through the door. You didn’t need to look far to find a staff member to take your order or get another drink. Since you aren’t able to make bookings, the staff ensure the wait times are kept to a minimum and ensure you comfortable while waiting.

Typika is open for breakfast, brunch and lunch 7 days a week. The breakfast menu looks sensational with a generous amount to choose from. The staff are fabulous and the vibe is chilled and relaxed.

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