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This morning called for a quick and easy breakfast as we had a full day of work ahead. We met some friends at Turbine Cafe, located on Chapel Street, which is conveniently half way between both our houses. 


The space is quite small, with comfy banquette seating along the wall and a few large communal tables in the center. Walking in, we were one of two other tables seated, which meant we would hopefully get our food quickly as we were in a bit of a rush. We made our way to the far communal table and waited to be served. 

While we waited for our guests to arrive, we ordered a few coffees (Piccolo & 3 x shot Cappuccino) to warm up from the chilly Melbourne morning. A Piccolo and Latte were brought to the table, but coffee is coffee in my world so accepted it instead of having him make a new one. 

The space is cosy and inviting with timber tables, large orange stools and copper light fixtures. The space does transform from cafe to bar, so was fitting to have a gorgeous bar area with a back lit wall showcasing the bottles and a cabinet full of freshly baked goodies.


Since we were in a bit of a rush, we ordered dishes we hoped wouldn’t take too long to cook. I went with the ‘Turbine’s Bircher’ with rolled oats soaked over-night in coconut milk and apple juice served with pear, banana, blueberry, honey, cinnamon and superseeds. It was a small serve, however very tasty.

MC ordered poached eggs on toast with bacon, avocado and Vegemite. His eggs were cooked perfectly, as was the bacon. I loved how this was served on a black plate, which made a simple dish look so much more appealing. 

Overall, we had a lovely breakfast at Turbine. The food was simple yet delicious, the service was friendly and loved the cosiness of the cafe/bar. 
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