Sorrento is a beautiful small town overlooking the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy. The town has stayed true to its roots, even with the increase of tourist heading here year round. We instantly fell in love with the views, the stunning food and the Italian charm the town had to offer.  

Below are a few of the highlights from our few days in Sorrento.

1. Marina Grande

One of the most beautiful part of Sorrento is the port of Marina Grande. Our hotel overlooked the Bay of Naples and the Port, which boasts stunning views of the boats, family owned restaurants and locals enjoying an evening of frolicking in the water.



This is one of the best spots to sit back with a glass of wine and watch the sun kiss the Sorrento coast (feature photo above). The water is calm, the boats are still and restaurants are bustling with locals enjoying an evening meal. Here you won’t find a great deal of tourists, as they will be in the Old Town and Piazza Tasso, which is a nice change to get the full Sorrento experience. 



2. Old Sorrento

The Old Town of Sorrento is busy with locals and tourists filling the narrow laneways. You can spend hours wandering through the streets, visiting the colourful shops, sipping espresso in local cafes or checking out the abundance of historical buildings.



3. Limoncello

Walking through the streets of Sorrento, you will quickly learn their specialty, Limoncello. Shops fill their shelves with homemade Limoncello products including soaps, lemon chocolate, colourful ceramic plates and of course, amazing lemon liqueur. Pop into any shop and sample their Limoncello for free!


4. Piazza Tasso

One of the main squares in Sorrento is the Piazza Tasso, named after the poet Torquato Tasso from the 16th century. The Piazza is full of cafes on every corner, perfect for sitting back with a coffee or vino and people watching throughout the day. Shops and food stalls fill the square as well as horse drawn carriages to enjoy the views while being carried around. 


5. Ristorante Di Leva Le 5 Sorelle & Inn Bufalito

Like any town in Italy, family owned and operated cafes and restaurants fill the streets. There were two restaurants that stuck out during our few days in Sorrento, both offering something different. The first was Ristorante di Leva Le 5 Sorelle, located in the Marina Grande. 


We were just after a snack, so decided to order some of the staple items including calamari, bruschetta and a caprese salad. All were beautiful and could tell they were made from the freshest ingredients available. Definitely worth checking out for an authentic local meal. 

DSC014591 DSC014601 DSC014621

The second restaurant we visited for lunch the following day, called Inn Bugalito. We had heard of this place from a few people, and the lady at the hotel had also recommended we head here for the best buffalo mozzarella. 



This restaurant is more of a novelty, specializing in all things buffalo. From their stunning buffalo mozzarella, to more adventurous dishes like buffalo tartare, everything on their menu showcases this ingredient to the fullest. 

DSC014841 DSC014851

The pastas were beautiful and of course very tasty. We ordered both a lasagna and an eggplant parmigiana, both using buffalo mozzarella. We would definitely recommend checking out Inn Bufalito, even if it’s for a quick bite to try their notorious mozzarella. 

DSC014891 DSC014921

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