Phuket has quickly become the go to destination for Australians that it now almost feels like you are taking a trip within your own country. We’ve been here on two separate occasions and think the next holiday will be somewhere new. Although the resorts are fantastic, as soon as you walk off the resort, you have entered what I feel as the slums. The roads are extremely dirty and all you smell is garbage and sewage in the streets. The locals hassle you none stop as you walk by, which after the first two people, becomes extremely annoying.


The beaches in Phuket are nice, however not the powdery white beaches that you can find elsewhere. If you’re not on a private beach, be prepared to be hassled by the locals. The only thing I found good with the beach was to watch the sun setting.

The night life in Phuket is quite out there, with the streets lined with small bars that offer cheap drinks. Be sure to get a game of ‘Jackpot’ in while you’re there. You play a dice game against the bartender and if you win, you get a shot for free, or if she wins, you buy her a shot. It’s fun to experience the area once, however I wouldn’t want to spend every night at the bar scene. You’ll notice a large number of girls who work the street to try and make money.


Shopping in Phuket is an interesting one. Visit the local outdoor markets and see what kind of deal you can strike. But just be prepared to be hassled by every single person trying to sell you something. You can get some great home décor items and some very cheap clothes, but I’d probably stay away from the jewellery, watches and perfume.


Overall, it’s a great place to say you’ve been once. If you’re looking for a cheap holiday, this is your place. However if you can afford to splurge a bit, definitely try and book Phi Phi Island.

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