Miami is spoiled when it comes to airport lounges, so it was a must to check out a few of them on our long layover. The best part was we had a long layover twice so got to really get a good feel of the different lounges. 

We started with the American Airlines Flagship Lounge located on Concourse D of the North Terminal. We made our way up the escalator and were greeted by a gentleman who checked our boarding passes and gave us a ticket and ushered us through the door to the lounge. 


The Flagship Lounges are meant to be exclusive, private lounges and quieter than most. With the new Centurion AMEX lounge recently opening, most people had gone there instead of the Flagship Lounge. We walked in to only a hand full of people sitting around the bar enjoying a drink. 

We took our seats on some couches and set up shop for the next few hours. I looked down at the tickets we were given before entering, and noticed it was only for one complimentary drink while inside. A bit different from all the other lounges we have been in before. 


High speed complimentary WIFI is also available to all guests, and was quite quick since there weren’t many people in the lounge. 

As far as food goes, there wasn’t much of a selection. A small selection of nibbles including olives, cheese and pretzels were available plus a hot soup. 


The selection felt a bit thrown together, a bit of an after thought. After we had a snack and used our complementary drink we walked back over to the far superior Centurion lounge. I wouldn’t waste my time here again. Disappointing lounge when you have choice but better than some we have seen.

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