Doughboys Doughnuts originally opened with a month long pop up at Mr Nice Guy late last year to test the Melbourne waters. Being a proven success, it’s quite clear that Melbournians love their gourmet doughnuts!

From now until the mid April, Doughboys will be cooking up a storm of soft glazed rings dipped in anything and everything to create a delicious concoction. Located at the Mercat Cross Hotel in the Queen Vic Markets, get your fix of flavours like citrus zest and crushed nuts or marshmallow and maple bacon!

There is nothing these boys won’t try once and the Melbourne market is eating these babies up. Enjoy one of these rings with than a cup of hot (or cold) coffee, or if you’ve already had your caffeine fix for the day, a selection of sodas, rootbeer and shakes are also on the menu. 

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