Probably my favourite part of Germany is Munich for so many reasons. Although we only really got to explore the main square area, this is exactly what I would expect Germany to look and feel like. Old historic buildings, beer halls galore, and old churches in every square can be seen for miles away The sun was finally shining and it was time to enjoy a few drinks in the sun.


Our hotel, Mandarin Oriental was located located around the corner from the main square, which made our stay so much easier. We could leave our hotel, go have a few drinks, head back to the hotel and relax and then head out for dinner. All without having to get in a taxi. 

We started our afternoon at the Hofbrauhaus with fresh out of the oven pretzels being sold by beautiful traditional wrenches. This is your traditional beer hall, with rows and rows of wooden communal tables, an endless supply of steins and mountains of meat ordered by everyone. Traditional German music is pumping through the main room and can be heard throughout the entire venue. 

DSC009801 DSC009831

After our steins & pretzels, we moved down the main square for a drink at Orlando’s (photo below). With beautiful view’s of the main square, we sat on the outdoor alfresco area and enjoyed a few drinks before moving on. 





A few of the main highlights of Munich which we were able to enjoy included:

1. Marienplatz

This is the central square in the heart of Munich and the location of the New and Old Town Hall of Munich. There are so many beautiful historic buildings and churches here, you could spend most of the day sightseeing here. One of the most beautiful statues can be found here, the golden statue of Virgin Mary, perched up on the Marian Column, visible from every corner of the square. 


Try to be here before 11am, to watch 32 in full costume people reenact historical Bavarian events and to hear the Glockenspiel chime. 

DSC010031 DSC010061

2. Viktualienmarket

A great way to really be a local is to head down to Viktualiemarket, which is the ‘Victuals Market’, a daily outdoor market with fresh local produce, traditional tourist decor and read to eat traditional German foods with drinks to be enjoyed.


Dating back to the 19th century, the market has become an icon to locals and travellers alike. With more than 140 stalls and an endless supply of seating, this daily market is your go to place for the real German experience. Tables are full of locals with steins and sausage in hand, enjoying the afternoon sun.

Everything from eggs, handmade dips and olives, cheese and spices can be found at the market. Or if your looking for something to brighten up your day, some of the most beautiful flowers can be found here.


3. Olympic Stadium of Munich

With the Summer Olympics being held here in 1972, the grounds have become a familiar area to locals and tourists looking for a great afternoon in the beautiful outdoors. We spent most of the afternoon here, enjoying a paddle boat ride through the lake, walking around the main track and taking in everything the stadium had to offer. 

DSC010211 DSC010281 DSC010331


  • Water in a restaurant is always extra. Drinking from the tap isn’t advised, so restaurants will charge for still or sparkling water. 
  • Some restrooms will charge for entrance, which goes towards the general upkeep and cleaning of the facility
  • Tipping is done at your own discretion
  • Service charges are added to most bills as a tax, however rounding up is still advised
  • Summer weather is generally between 25-30 degrees celsius. Best time to travel is during the warmer months, June through September.

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