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Great variety of cocktails and drinks, however service is quite average! We’ve been here on multiple occasion after dining at one of our favourite restaurants in the CDB (only because of its close proximity) and each time seems to be less desirable than the last.

Although their cocktails are great, the price they charge is ridiculous. If the staff were more approachable and friendly, I might consider spending close to $20 per cocktail, however when the staff make you feel like it’s a burden to have to serve you, the price tag on their drinks becomes a bit insane. In my world, you pay for the service you receive and this just isn’t the case here.


On a recent visit with a group of friends who enjoy their Gin (what better place to take them than Gin Palace!), however when we asked to have our Gin Martini made a specific way, we were told ‘This is not how you make a Gin Martini’ as if he was the King of Gin!

I think we will rethink our next visit as there are so many other cocktail bars to check out in the city.

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