Wandering through the Manly beach area, we were looking for something quick and simple and not overly crowded. It was a beautiful day in Sydney, which had quickly turned ugly with a massive storm coming through at a very speedy pace. We left the beach just in time to find this little gem just off the main strip before the crowd took cover. 


Priding themselves in gourmet produce and a large variety of antipasto items, there is something for just about everyone. Everything from high quality cured meats to delicious marinated veggies and olives to an abundance of tasty cheeses are all available to enjoy at the restaurant or for take away.

We decided to sit back and enjoy the day with a late lunch and people watch. I was a bit on the hungry side by the time we sat down and after browsing through the menu, I instantly knew the ‘Four Olives Club Sandwich’ was the way to go. With 3 tiers of bacon, smoked turkey, tomato, avocado, swiss cheese and honey seeded mustard served with fries, there was no second looks through the menu for me!


The food was delicious and what you would expect from a good deli. The chips were a bonus as they were super crunchy and perfectly seasoned. The seeded mustard worked wonders with the sandwich and was the first time I’ve had it in a sandwich (may have to continue using it in more of my sandwiches!).


Large floor to ceiling windows span across the entire street side of the cafe, with bench top seating to sit back and people watch. Or if you prefer a table, small tables fill the outdoor space along the outside of the windows, or a few tables inside can be utilized. 


Oversized cabinets fill the space, showcasing the ample amount of deli goods available. Jarred goods are also available, which add to the perfect antipasto platter. Head to the middle cash area and look behind the glassed door to find shelves upon shelves of delicious cheeses. Every type of cheese you can imagine are all available for purchase at almost any quantity. If you aren’t sure which cheese to go for, their fully trained cheese experts will be able to guide you in the right direction. 


Service was a bit on the so so side, but this isn’t your fine dining type of place that you would expect excellent service.

This is definitely my type of small deli to sit back and ensure the quality of food available to us. The service may not be top notch, but the food definitely makes up for it. If I lived in Sydney, I would definitely be looking at doing my deli shopping here!

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