On a recent road trip from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, we found ourselves spending the afternoon at Forster Beach. After spending hours driving from Newcastle, we stumbled across Forster Beach, which was one of our best discoveries. This is such a beautiful beach that is underrated and wasn’t over crowded with tourists like most of the beaches you find in NSW.

There is a manmade Ocean Bath on the right of the beach which is fantastic for any little kids who want to have a swim but don’t want the big waves that come along with the ocean. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, the surf here as also fantastic.

Since not to many tourists know about this gem, you will really only see locals here as it’s a popular holiday spot for locals during the summer months. With surrounding lakes nearby, you have access to almost any water sports including fishing, canoeing, kayaking or waterskiing. Along the main strip there are a few beach shops and cafes, however because it’s not tourist driven, you won’t find the major retail shops. Which is nice for a change!


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