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I’m not a big pub type of person; however for a friend’s birthday, to wrap up the weekend, we all headed here for a few drinks and a quick casual dinner. I’ve been here a few times before, and as you all know, pubs aren’t my thing, however College Lawn definitely knows how to impress in terms of atmosphere and keeping all sporting guru’s happy.

With several separate dining areas, there is never a shortage of space available. They offer a section for casual drinks and comfy couches located around a beautiful fireplace and the main dining hall offering basic tables and chairs to sit and enjoy a meal. Then outside, is probably the highlight of the space, their massive outdoor beer garden. Available year round, guests can sit outside and watch a game or two under their large umbrellas while sitting on large wooden picnic tables on fake grass. The space offers a large outdoor bar area for quick and easy access to your favourite beer on tap.

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They had a veal schnitzel on special and thought I’d give it a whirl. My mum use to make the best veal schnitzel when I was younger so had some pretty high expectations on what was good. Unfortunately on this occasion, the schnitzel didn’t live up to my expectations. It arrived at the table cold and soggy and quite tasteless to say the least. It was a generous portion size; however the fact it arrived cold made it quite difficult to eat. The chips on the other hand were beer battered, piping hot and had a serious crunch to them.

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Everyone else at the table seemed to really enjoy their meals, so it wasn’t a total loss for our party. Although my meal wasn’t the best, the whole¬†atmosphere of the space was top notch. This is one of the best pubs in the Melbourne area and can find the space packed on game nights. Definitely worth the visit for a beer when your team is playing.

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