Relatively new to the bar scene is the hidden gem ‘Bar Exuberante’ created by Matt Bax (also the mastermind behind popular bars such as Der Raum, Bar Americano and Economico). I say hidden in the fact that this bar is actually ‘hidden’. The address leads you to the empty ‘Bar Economico’ with just a bartender casually working behind the bar. You need to ask him where Bar Exuberante is, who will then escort you through a back door, through a cluttered office and into a back room where you enter the actual bar. 

Bar-Exuberante-Matt-BaxWith only a hand full of seats (16 to be exact) it’s like you’ve entered a new excluded novelty bar world. You enter the tiny space and are handed a room number tag, a bag of cocktail nuts and a menu to browse through. Drinks are on the pricier side and offer premium cocktail suggestions for both males and females (think, warm white chocolate and coconut form with a cool lavender-infused rum cocktail).

This bar may not be for everyone, but for those who love something that is outside the box, this is your next go to place. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 6pm until late, this is the perfect location to check off the list of ‘must do’ Melbourne adventures. 

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