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We decided to be a bit adventurous and head out of the city and make our way to Richmond to see what they had to offer. After doing a bit of research, I came across Niche on Bridge and even with mixed reviews, we thought we would give it a go and see how we went.


Unfortunately this was the downfall of our visit. We started the night with a beautiful bottle of red, which was one of their most expensive ones at only $65. From there, things unfortunately went downhill from the entree to main and even dessert.

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We started with ‘Warm mixed Olives’ which were marinated in an orange, chilli and thyme mixture. This was also presented on the same board as the ‘Smoked Eggplant & Potato Croquettes’, served with feta and Parmesan, topped with tahini yoghurt and toasted pine nuts. Unfortunately the croquettes were still completely frozen in the centre, and for the first time ever, we had to send our food back to the kitchen.

Once our second batch returned, they were enjoyed quickly before our mains arrived. The croquettes themselves were quite tasteless, however the eggplant mix in the middle definitely saved the dish.

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For mains MC went with the special of the day, ‘Scotch Fillet 350gm+’, served with mash potatoes and garlic vegetables. It was supposed to be served with a red wine jus, however they were out of this, so we opted for the mushroom sauce instead. The steak was ordered medium rare, however was presented almost medium well to well done. Very disappointing!

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I went with the ‘Slow cooked Duck pappardelle’, served with oven roasted tomato sugo, basil oil and topped with grana padano.  I enjoyed the generous amount of duck that fell apart in your mouth and the pasta was cooked to perfection. The sauce itself was quite runny and didn’t stick to the pasta, however still quite tasty and a beautiful combination of flavours.

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For dessert we treated ourselves to the ‘Chocolate Fondont Cake’, which was a self-saucing chocolate pudding cake served with winter berries and vanilla bean ice-cream. This is supposed to be the type of cake that is heated up so when you cut into it, the chocolate sauce oozes out of it. Unfortunately the centre of the cake was cold and seemed to only have a quick heat up in the microwave. The vanilla bean ice cream was the high light here.

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This was the highlight of our experience, from the moment we walked through the door to the moment we left, we were treated very well, despite the let down from the kitchen. We were greeted with big smiles from the hostess and quickly seated with drinks quick to follow.

Our waitress did sincerely apologize for the issues from the kitchen and dealt with them straight away. Once mains were served, she came back to ensure everything was okay before letting us enjoy the rest of our evening. When leaving, she held the door open for us as we walked out, such a nice added touch to the personal service.

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The vibe of the restaurant is clean and modern with some chic pieces throughout. A bit different from what you would find further down Bridge Street, however a refreshing change. The space is well spread out so you can have an intimate conversation with your dinner guests and won’t be overheard by others. Plush seating lines the wall for a more laid back feel for those looking to relax.

At night, the lights are dimmed to create a more romantic, modern feel and the furnishings are simple with dark chairs, uncovered tables and some modern exposed lighting.

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Although the service was attentive and friendly, the kitchen definitely let the rest of the team down on this occasion. Because of this, unfortunately we will not be returning and has left us with an overall poor experience.

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